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Running a business, servicing clients, marketing, staffing and managing business relationships can be overwhelming.2&2-4U business accounting services will save you time and worry, so you can focus on your business.

Small Business accounting

Sharon, a certified accountant and tax agent, will save you time and worry, so you can focus on your business.Running a business, servicing clients, marketing, staffing, managing business relationships can be overwhelming.This often leaves little time for managing your financial affairs effectively causing difficulties in your businesses ability to grow.

At 2&2-4U we take care of your accounting problems so you can focus on what’s important, you know.. running the business.

BAS Services

A recent study by MYOB found that most small business owners spend up to 10 hours a month just updating data for their regular BAS.Getting your Business Activity Statement done correctly and on time can be a real pain in the neck.2&2-4U can relieve that stress so your 100% sure your obligations are in control and your accounting requirements are correct.

Let’s face it unless you’re an accountant the process of doing BAS will be out of your skill set and will take much longer than it should

Rental Accounting

Rental schedules accounting – Running a rental property, servicing buildings, dealing with tenants, can be overwhelming.

As a property investor, you have specialized accounting requirements.2&2-4U caters for all property investors whether you have a large portfolio of properties or just one. Our specialized accounting is structured to give you the competitive edge and maximise your profits.

Hate paperwork? Get it done online at just $250 per month!



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